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I'm LaShawn Charles, Founder and CEO of Entrepreneurs Networking Company (ENC) and creator of the Facebook™ Group community, Entrepreneurs Networking Group, that serves more than 200,000 entrepreneurs worldwide and counting.

I set out more than a year ago to create a space where innovators could come together, inspire, and grow as entrepreneurs.

 It's a space to build relationships, network with others globally in and outside of your industry, sharpen your skills, and experience true mentorship within our community.

Hosting live virtual events is our next phase of growth here at ENC and I am thrilled to bring you the Empowering Entrepreneurs Virtual Summit (EEVS). EEVS July 2022 brings you 24 hand selected expert mentors who have prepared carefully curated talks designed to help you sharpen your skill sets and grow your businesses to new heights. 
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Sherra Thompson

"Rerouting Your 

Goals, Perspective, and Self-Sabotaging Behaviors

Marc Singer

"To Hell and Back"

One Man's Story of How He Turned His Life Around and Went From Prison to Professional Coach

Keith Ayres

"Networking is NOT About Selling!"

Uncle Keith Shares His Secrets About Using Networking to Add Massive Additional Income Stream!

Jill Fitzgibbon

"Building Relations on Social Platforms"

How to Grow Your Audience with Your Ideal Clients.

Cosmo Macero

"Your 1-Week 
PR Launch Plan"

7 Ways, in 7 Days, to a Successful PR Launch

Angela Sundust

"Stand Out Online in a Saturated Market"

Get Visible Through the Noise and Grow an Audience of Raving Fans by Simplifying Your Disruptive Market Strategy

Terri Levine


Creating Impact, Influence, and Income

Dr. Paulette J. Evans


Ambition. Action. Achievement.

Nicole Coustier

"High-Stakes Decision-Making"

How to Ensure Your Business Thrives Under Pressure

Eduardo Orozco

"Honoring Your Word"

Mindset & Time Management

Naomi Harmon

"Integrate, Automate & REPEAT"

Automated Processes for the Busy Entrepreneur

Nicole Villani

"Pathway to 

High Performance Habits to Create More Time

Lacy Lieffers

"Monetizing Your Brand Identity"

Transform Your Authentic Brand into a Self Generating Revenue Pipeline

Carrie Ryan

"How to Take Your Audience from Fan to Super Fans"

Establish a Nurtured Culture in Your Community or Membership Using the Buyers Stages of Awareness

Lan Olude

"$0 Per Click Advertising"

How to Advertise Your Business for FREE

Scott Johnson

"How to Legally Rob the
Big Banks"

Who are the Four Multi-Billion-Dollar Businesses that are Deeply Rooted in Your Profits? How to Reduce and Remove Them From Your Pockets

Jannette Dunlop

"Your Time To Shine - Be Ready - Get 'Game Fit'"

Being Game Fit Requires Structure, Determination and Passion

Carol Boston

"The Questions ARE the Answers"

Empowering Questions: How to Get the Answers You Really Want!

Alexa Soto

"Good Leadership vs Poor Leadership"

Leading Through Our Core Values

Eduardo Orozco

"Math vs Drama"

The Formulas You Need to Make Money as a Coach, Consultant, and Service-Based Provider

Regina Lark Ph.D.

"Emotional Labor"

Why a Woman's Work is Never Done and What To Do About It

Dr. Dan Amzallag

"The Psychology of an Entrepreneur's Mind"

The When, Where, Why and How to Adapt a Positive Mindset to Keep Yourself Motivated and Guarantee Success

Jay Razzouk

"Ditching Con-tracts"

Increase Your Profits and Elevate Your Brand with Pro-Acts

Afua Jones

"Consumer and Business Credit"

Building Blocks to Business Credit
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Daily Panel Discussions

Hosted by: Carrie Ryan

Joined by July EEVS Mentors

Lacy Lieffers
Dr. Paulette J. Evans
Lan Olude
Scott Johnson

Hosted by: LaShawn Charles

Joined by July EEVS Mentors

Marc Singer
Nicole Villani
Sherra Thompson
Carol Boston

Hosted by: Fred Fistzgiles

Joined by July EEVS Mentors

Keith Ayres
Dr. Regina Lark
Nicole Coustier
Cosmo Macero
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